A Pathfinder adventure.

Winter has come and the people of Tyrby warm themselves by the fires in their homes. The taverns are usually fully seated this time of year, people who drink themselves warm and keep company.
Rumours that have spread their way across town have been spooking the inhabitants, roumours sorrounding one of the land legends. The Legend speaks of a “Mountain King” who together with loyal servants spread terror throughout the land. Anyone that refused to pay tribute to the king was ruthlessly hunted down.
It is said that his servants kept his seat secure even after his death due to their devotion. The rumours that have been whispered lately speaks that the king has returned and with his servant he will once again rule the land. Well that’s all fairy-tales……. Right?

FrostBite is a chilly adventure that takes place in one of the different lands within the world of " Leighdor ". The land is named “Storvind” after it’s mountains, and is home to the legend of the “Mountain King”.

The world of Leighdor is ever changing and is a project i just started and will work on when there is time. This is my first attemt at creating a living world and will do my best to make it aweseome :).

Feel free to message me about the world and give suggestions.

- Acervon


Acervon Demidriel